guest speaker in ref. class today. reminded me that need to think seriously about what am doing here and where going. is just fine not to know, but need to be looking for path. skipped out of lab early today to hear her speak to 8 person SLA group in afternoon. will make up final off desk hour later in week. wasn’t using time productively anyway.

have been working with css and html/xhtml/xml for past couple weeks, lacking other acheivable purpose. still feels like coasting.

spent all of evening domestic. dinner (chicken and tomato curry, stir-fried super easy style), wash up, made cocoa and broke a glass. sad face. did a load of laundry and tried making bread. wouldn’t rise. don’t know how killed yeast. rearranged furniture in bedroom, vacuumed, intended to work on clutter tomorrow, then remembered election watching with R and K. will get to later in week.

in effort to start pedaling again, thinking about novel-in-november project. won’t do it this year, maybe next with some pre-planning. may start writing a novella-per-month or something with short stories. have been reading orwell’s pre-war diary posts and think at least a return to blogging is in order. much respect out to the archivists, both students and professionals. project sets me in admiration of them. on related note, listened to sci.fri from 31 oct, story on Beautiful Science exhibit at Huntington Library. appreciate curator’s discussion of efforts to make the exhibit more dynamic than just the tombs.

project note: finished cord for P, frogging possum lace, removing black from pink scarf. may begin turning to e. a. clark’s swallowtail as soon as tomorrow? may have to buy 3.25circ. already need 2.75DPs for another project.


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